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Design Characteristics: distinctive grain, natural wildness, experimental
Application: surfaces, panels, fronts, bodies, property construction

Helsinki is a combination of reduced simplicity and unbounded materiality. The decor is modelled on large-surface veneer made of all-round debarked maritime pine, accounting for its special markings. Veneer in the Helsinki look is frequently used for alternative building concepts in the property sector, for example in the foyer of the Marta Museum in Herford. Surrounded by art, architecture and design, this unbridled look has been reinterpreted. In contrast to genuine wood veneer, the grain of the decor is balanced, the expression more graceful. Warm wooden shades underscore the minimalist character; modern hues soften the play of colour, transforming it into an understated surface.

Finland’s metropolis is a meeting point for eastern and western culture. Its rhythm is relaxed and refreshing, the lifestyle unpretentious and friendly. Helsinki is unique – empirically opulent masterpieces meet modern design art.