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Decor of the month August



Design Characteristics: Elegant, naturally, classic
Application: Surface, front, body, door, Caravan

Tiberino is a majestic walnut impression which presents a wide diversity of uniformly distributed natural characteristics. A velvety brushed look and a metallic effect emphasise its three-dimensionality. The refined details of the wood grain have been miniaturized and make the design ideal for application on furniture, doors and small-scale surfaces. Their aura of stylish synthesis and relaxed elegance is in harmony with style trends ranging from unconventional to classic.

Our surface decor Tibero provides the template for the significant design Tiberino. But it is certainly not the “fratellino” – kid brother in Italian – although the name might lead you to this conclusion. The decor has actually been named after Lake Tiberino. The lake was formed in central Italy around two million years ago and it remains to this day the biggest and deepest lake of its geological era – also known as the “Sea of Umbria”. In places, it reaches depths of up to 1000 metres and the salt-water lake is fed by a dense network of rivers. Traces of sandy clays and marine conglomerates from the behemoth can primarily be seen in the area between Narni and Otricoli.