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Decor of the month June

Breccia Agrippina


Design Characteristics: Breccia, no particular direction, timeless
Application: surface allover, worktops, flooring

Agrippina was the daughter of Germanicus, the mother of Nero and the wife of the Emperor Claudius. She is regarded as the founder of the city of Cologne. The decor Breccia Agrippina shows a classic stone which is currently experiencing a Renaissance – and this is not simply in the flooring segment or in outdoor areas. The decor is now entering the bathroom and being used in kitchens and living rooms. Breccia is a variety of rock made up of fragments of minerals and rocks cemented together as a result of glacial action. No less than the prince of poets Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was fascinated by this extraordinary “stone”. He is reputed to have attempted to use a small hammer to break off individual samples for his collection. Breccia is therefore known as “Goethe’s Stone”. He would undoubtedly have been overjoyed by the thought that his “wondrous rock” was now entering the realm of interior design.