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Decor of the month April

Kirschbaum Hanami


Design Characteristics: herringbone in a classic parquet flooring pattern, elegant
Application: flooring, surface allover

Hanami means “flower viewing” in Japanese and refers to the Japanese tradition of the cherry blossom festival every spring when Japanese people celebrate the beauty of cherry trees in blossom. When the blossoms on the cherry trees (Sakura) bloom, hundreds of trees shimmer in a soft reddish pink glow. This is the moment when Japan descends into a sensual reverie and becomes a country of happiness.

Kirschbaum Hanami is an old-style cherry which is atypically used for herringbone in a classic parquet flooring pattern. The surface texture and the name morph together as if to transmogrify two traditions into the contemporary era. A conventional floor-laying pattern melds with an ancient Japanese custom. Hanami is much more than simply a decor.

It embodies liberty for SURTECO DECOR – freedom in decorative printing – created for unusual surfaces.