Trend Statement


Trends move our world. And we are ONE IN MOTION.


Connected, intelligent, pulsing.


A rhythm which combines moments of harmony and natural authenticity.


And then – then once more you get a sense of the power of freedom.


Themes, opinions, messages. These concepts create trends today. With the energy and speed of a new media world. With an unprecedented transparency and availability. We regard this as an opportunity. Because motion is born of change. And those who want to move things on have to be one. We are ONE. Together with you, we develop new products from inspirations which touch people. As experts for creative design and technologically sophisticated surfaces, we believe our mission is to bring trends and flows to life for you and your customers. We see “SMART, BALANCE & LIBERTÉ” as the trend indicators for 2017/18 which will influence us – from which we can develop the creative process. With the strength of being “One”. With the objective of moving your success. 


Fast, universal, innovative. SMART is the trend reflecting our modern world. The lifestyle of being “always on”. The energy of being part of the future. Sensory surfaces, intelligent textures, reflective effects. 


When the soul is looking for BALANCE. The calm and the flow of relaxation. When the self is yearning for soft atmosphere and meets the earth. With the appeal of luxurious wood designs, natural materials, powdery shades and imaginative decors. 


Living out the desire for an individual’s individuality and feelings. Culture meets tradition. Yesterday melds with today. Luxury and street art come together. LIBERTÉ arises and envelopes us. With patchwork and layering. With filigree materials. With exotic patterns and exciting colours.