Finish Foils

Finish foil

Design and surface refinement

Authentic reproductions

For design of furniture, caravans and interiors

Surfaces with textures

SENTECS – fascinating three-dimensional surface with a very special force of attraction


Finish foils are printed specialist papers which are impregnated with duroplast resins and refined with environmentally friendly lacquer systems to create a highly resistant surface. This substrate is primarily used to create authentic reproductions of fine woods and a wide range of imaginative decorative designs and hues in single colours for applications in furniture, caravan fittings and interior design. The surface options available are virtually unlimited: lacquers are supplied in different gloss grades and finishes, options for chemical and mechanical embossing and much more besides.

The appropriate product finish can be matched to your individual decor for any application: fully impregnated and pre-impregnated materials, wrapping, base, backing and door-frame foils. 


SENTECS offers more than one effect, particularly for dark decors. The special lacquer allows the high-quality finish foil to exert a fascinating visual force of attraction in three dimensions. SENTECS is also supplied in a version with an adhesive mirror surface.


Surface foils are primarily used for coating wood materials – in interior design, furniture and in the caravan industry. Matt, high-gloss and haptic effects complete the surface and enhance it with a very special design.




This flexible finish foil with an elegant surface finish is ideal for wrapping door frames and for surface coating of the door panel. The elegant surface in a high-quality varnish finish and the special surface smoothness are typical features of this premium foil.

SEDATECS is the consistent enhancement of our products for the production of interior doors.


Wrapping foils feature a high level of flexibility and formability.

TECOFOIL S is a wrapping foil with a finish surface which is ideal for profile and panel wrappings, and some 3D sections.
TECOLAM T40 is highly resistant to abrasion and can be used in AC1 and AC3 quality for transition rails. It has excellent formability with radii from 1-2 mm.
AURATECS is a high value PET wrapping foil with a precious surface.


The white TECOFOIL B priming foil forms the ideal base for high-quality varnish because it has no finish surface.

The brown balancing foil TECOFOIL G prevents warping of the substrate with single-sided finish foils or veneer coating, or alternatively serves as a barrier medium for surfaces that are not visible.


Polytop is a polymer-based overlay for refining paper-based decorative wood-based materials. Polytop’s surface features an electron beam-hardened layer of lacquer. The surface has an antimicrobial effect, and anti-fingerprint properties in the supermatt version. Polytop lends surfaces a silky, warm haptic touch and it is supplied in different grades of gloss from supermatt to high gloss.


Pre-impregnates are flexible finish foils manufactured from pre-impregnated specialist papers. These foils are ideal for use in flat applications and wrappings, and they offer a variety of surface finishes: supermatt, Wood Look and haptics. 
NEW: DUOGLOSS – for an elegant matt and shiny effect.


Digitally printed finish foils in wrapping quality facilitate very small batches of individual motifs and fast market launch of new decors. The diversity of our products encompasses various grades of gloss also with digital decor printing (supermatt to high gloss), visual DuoGloss effects, and highly wear-resistant surfaces (AC3 quality). The appropriate surface and quality can therefore be supplied for any area of application.