Release Paper

Surface refining

Impressive efficiency. High level of flexibility. First-class surface finish

Release Paper

Finely embossed textures, supermatt designs or high-gloss surfaces


Impressive efficiency, high level of flexibility and first-class surface finish – release papers create premium surface refinement with supermatt to high-gloss designs combining textures ranging from subtle to embossed. They provide surfaces with the final visual appeal and haptic effect.

TECORELEASE release papers are based on a coated, satinized paper. The release coating is comprised of environmentally friendly, solvent-free polymers which are cross-linked with electron-beam curing (EBC) technology to form a tough, hardwearing surface.


This embossed texture enhancer is supplied in a wide range of individually definable levels of gloss and is ideal for multiple application in laminated panel production using CPL systems. The various levels of gloss are obtained using a combination of special lacquer formulations and the gradation of the embossing roller. The surface weight of the lacquered papers depends on the base paper and the coating.


TECORELEASE Silicure uses different lacquer formulations to achieve various levels of gloss in the final product. This flat release paper has an EBC-lacquered release coating that facilitates multiple use on CPL systems and single use on HDL systems. The high thermal resistance and the uniform surface properties make TECORELEASE Silicure a reliable and flexible gloss enhancer.


The texture of the TECORELEASE Millennium release paper is determined by the application of lacquer. The easily separated surface is also cured here using environmentally friendly EBC technology. The very robust structures of TECORELEASE Millennium create deep-set textures which generate a realistic and natural impression for the surface. TECORELEASE Millennium is ideal for multiple use of CPL, HPL and directly coated laminates.